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TU-95 Controls

TU-95 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key increases your speed. The left and right arrow keys pitch your aircraft. The F key sets your flaps, the G key raises and lowers your landing gear, and the H key bails out, and the spacebar executes mission-specific actions.

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TU-95 Walkthrough

The Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear" is a large, four-engine turboprop strategic bomber that went into service for the Soviet Union in 1956. It is expected to remain in service with the Russian Air Force until the year 2040. The Tu-95 is iconic of Cold War-era Soviet air-power and its airliner variant, the Tu-114, holds the record as the fastest propeller-driven aircraft. TU-95 is a Flash airplane game based on this Cold War era behemoth of the skies.

TU-95 features six missions, each with their own objectives. The goals of each mission are displayed before takeoff as well as throughout the course of each mission. If you find a mission to be too difficult, you can skip it by clicking the option to skip the mission before entering the cockpit. I advise you not to skip the first mission, however, since it serves as a tutorial.

TU-95 uses a keyboard control scheme. Hold the up arrow key to apply throttle. The up arrow key must be held constantly or you will lose speed. The left arrow key pitches your aircraft up while the right arrow key pitches it down. The F key changes your flaps setting, the G key raises and lowers your landing gear, and the H key bails out (automatically aborting the mission). Some missions of this airplane game require special actions such as dropping paratroopers and bombs. Press the spacebar to carry out these mission-specific actions.

TU-95 is a very challenging airplane game that will require patience and skill. Many players may find the first mission to be difficult; if you do, do not be ashamed because it is very difficult! It is important to change the settings of your flaps. Keep the flaps in takeoff position while taking off and ascending. When you are ready to assume level flight, move the flaps into normal position. When landing, move the flaps to landing position, slow down, and be sure to lower your landing gear!

TU-95 is an airplane game with a great concept and amazing graphics, but it may be too challenging for casual gamers to enjoy. If you think you have what it takes to bring glory to the Motherland, however, find out in TU-95!