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TU-46 Controls

TU-46 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys increase and decrease your speed. The left and right arrow keys pitch your aircraft. The I key is used to start your plane's engines. The F key sets your flaps, the G key raises and lowers your landing gear. The spacebar is used to turn your aircraft around. The E key is used to utilize the extinguishers. The Z key is used to toggle time compression. The P key pauses the game and the M key mute the game.

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TU-46 Walkthrough

TU-46 is the sequel to the airplane game, TU-95. Unlike its predecessor, which was based on the Soviet Tu-95 "Bear" strategic bomber, TU-46 simulates civil aviation. It should also be noted that unlike the Tu-95, the Tu-46 is a fictional aircraft.

Instead of practicing bombing runs like in TU-95, you will mainly be flying passengers to other airports in TU-46. Do not get the impression that civil aviation is without its challenges though, because this airplane game is even tougher than its predecessor! The first level serves as a tutorial, but it is possible to find yourself slamming into the ground, despite following directions! Your progress is automatically saved, so if you actually manage to complete a level, you will not have to play it over again the next time that you load up the game.

If you thought that TU-95 had a lot of controls, you haven't seen anything yet; TU-46 has a litany of controls! The up and down arrow keys control your throttle and the left and right arrow keys control the pitch of your aircraft. The F key controls your flaps and the G key extends or retracts your landing gear. The I key is used to start your engines (done before every takeoff, and you may find yourself frantically pushing this key if your engine stalls in mid-air!). The spacebar is used to turn your plane around if you pass up your goal. The E key is used to deploy your extinguishers (on firefighting missions). Finally, on longer flights, you may use the Z key to toggle time compression and make the game go faster. It is inadvisable to use time compression when landing, however, as this airplane game is hard enough already!

The key to success in TU-46 is to keep control of your aircraft. Drastic changes in pitch or throttle setting can lead to disaster, so try to employ slight adjustments. Don't push your engines too hard since doing so can cause them to overheat or to stall. Once you have gained altitude after takeoff, decrease your throttle and set your flaps to normal. When approaching the airfield, lower your speed, set your flaps to landing position, and lower your landing gear. Even if you follow all of these tips and do everything right, it is quite possible to turn your airplane into a hundred-thousand-pound lawn dart. This airplane game takes lots of determination to master; keep practicing and you may eventually be able to land safely!

Like TU-95, TU-46 can be an extremely daunting airplane game. This game certainly isn't for casual gamers, but hardcore gamers obsessed with overcoming a challenge will have hours of fun (and perhaps frustration).