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TU Unleashed Controls

TU Unleashed is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys increase and decrease your speed. The left and right arrow keys pitch your aircraft. The I key is used to start your plane's engines. The F key sets your flaps, the G key raises and lowers your landing gear. The spacebar is used to turn your aircraft around. The E key is used to utilize the extinguishers. The Z key is used to toggle time compression. The P key pauses the game and the M key mute the game.

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TU Unleashed Walkthrough

TU Unleashed is the third game in the TU series of airplane games (preceded by TU-95 and TU-46). TU Unleashed features superior graphics compared to those of its predecessors, a greater variety of aircraft to pilot, and upgrades.

The goal of TU Unleashed is to become Hawaii's number-one charter airline by delivering passengers between the islands. You will have to carefully takeoff, fly to your destination, and land safely to complete each level. If you have played any of the previous games in the TU series of airplane games, then you will know that these tasks are easier said than done. Fortunately, your progress is saved at the end of each level, so if by miracle you happen to complete a level, you will not have to go through it again the next time that you play.

If you actually make it to the next airport safely, you will be able to purchase upgrades for your aircraft. Upgrades and repairs for your aircraft will help you to stay in the skies and keep your passengers happy. You may also want to purchase a new aircraft to carry more passengers per flight (strangely, none of the planes in this airplane game are Tupolev designs). Before buying upgrade, I advise you to make repairs to your engine and refuel your aircraft; you won't be able to test those those new tires if you end up having to ditch your plane over water!

TU Unleashed shares the high difficulty level of TU-46 as well as its keyboard control scheme. The up and down arrow keys control your plane's throttle, while the left and right arrow keys pitch your aircraft's nose up and down respectively. The F key sets the position of your flaps and the G key lowers and raises your landing gear (if your airplane does not have fixed gear). The I key is used to turn on your planes engine, or restart it if it stalls in midair. If you pass your destination, you can turn around by pressing the spacebar. The E key activates your extinguishers, which are useful for fires on your plane. Finally, the Z key is used to toggle time compression, which is useful for long flights in this plane game.

Like its predecessors, TU Unleashed is not an airplane game for those that are easily frustrated. Despite my many years of flying flight sims, I just wasn't able to get very far in this game. If you have patience, tenacity, and a thirst for a challenging plane game, then give TU Unleashed a try, otherwise, you might want to play something more casual.