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Stunt Pilot Controls

Stunt Pilot is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys to pitch the nose of your plane up and down respectively (these controls can be reversed in the controls menu). The spacebar is used to activate your boost. The P key pauses the game.

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Stunt Pilot Walkthrough

Do you want to take to the skies and not have to worry about armament loadouts or enemy fighters? If so, then Stunt Pilot is just the game for you! Stunt Pilot is an airplane game with a straightforward premise, simple controls, and colorful graphics. Fans of the old DOS versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator may recognize that some of the airplane engine noises in this airplane game originate from those games.

The goal of Stunt Pilot is to fly through all of the hoops on each level. Be sure to fly through the hoops and not into them, or you will crash and lose a life! When all five lives are lost, the game is over. Although there is an option to continue on the main menu, it seems that your progress does not actually save, so you will have to complete this airplane game in its entirety in one sitting. If you reverse the controls, this setting will be saved and used by default the next time that you play, however.

Stunt Pilot is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key pitches your plane up while the down arrow key pitches your plane down. You can reverse these controls in the controls menu to make them like those of a real airplane. The spacebar is used to activate your boost. You have unlimited boost in this airplane game, so do not be afraid to use it liberally.

In order to score more points in this airplane game, try to beat the par time. Using your boost can help in your effort to fly through the hoops faster. Flying through hoops back to back while using the boost also increases your score multiplier, which will cause you to earn more points than you would by flying through the hoops without your booster activated. Boosting makes it harder to control your plane, however, so be careful not to crash!

Stunt Pilot is an entertaining airplane game that casual gamers will enjoy. Although action-oriented gamers may prefer dogfights and bombing runs, a level of skill is still required in Stunt Pilot, so don't let the lack of enemies turn you off; you can still have fun with this airplane game!