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Sky Kings Racing Controls

Sky Kings Racing is controlled by the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to bank your plane in the corresponding direction. The up arrow key pitches your plane's nose down and the down arrow key pitches your plane's nose up. Hold the Z key to accelerate.

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Sky Kings Racing Walkthrough

Sky Kings Racing is a racing game that combines the majesty of flight with the rush of time trials. This airplane game features splendid 3D graphics, simple keyboard controls, and three scenic locales with eight courses each (for a total of twenty-four courses).

Although Sky Kings Racing is a racing game, you do not race against other aircraft. Instead, you are racing against the clock to complete each course as quickly as possible. If you finish a course fast enough, you may earn a gold, silver, or bronze level. The initial levels of this airplane game are simple and serve as training exercises, but later levels present a major challenge! Your game is saved at the end of each level, so you can continue from any unlocked level the next time that you play. You also have the option of retrying courses that you have already beaten to earn better medals.

The keyboard is used to control Sky Kings Racing. Use the arrow keys as you would use a control yoke. The up arrow key pitches the nose of your aircraft down (like pushing forward on a control stick), while the down arrow key pitches the nose up (like pulling back on the stick). The left and right arrow keys are used to bank your aircraft in the corresponding direction. Hold the Z key to accelerate. This airplane game does not offer native support for controllers, but if you would prefer to play with a joystick, you can do so with the help of a program like JoyToKey.

The three-dimensional graphics featured in Sky Kings Racing are simply breathtaking for a Flash game. The developers must have spent lots of time fine-tuning the engine because there is no slowdown whatsoever. Slower computers might face some problems rendering the graphics, but lowering the graphical quality may help. To change the video quality, click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the main menu, then choose the appropriate option from the options menu that appears.

Sky Kings Racing is an amazing three-dimensional aerial racing game that casual players and seasoned gamers will appreciate. If you are looking for a realistic flight simulator, then this airplane game may not suit your needs, but if you just want to have fun and don't mind unrealistic flight dynamics, then you'll be thrilled by Sky Kings Racing!