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Skies of War Controls

Skies of War is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard.. Your aircraft will follow your mouse. Press the C key to change weapons. Left click to fire the selected weapon. Press the spacebar to open the minimap. The R key is uswd to roll (only in fighters) and the control key is held to hover (helicopters only).

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Skies of War Walkthrough

Skies of War was developed by Youda Games and is the spiritual sequel to their previous war game, Rail of War. Instead of dealing with trains, Skies of War is an airplane game. This airplane game features impressive graphics, simple controls, and over a dozen missions.

Skies of War features a campaign as well as individual missions. In Campaign Mode, additional aircraft and munitions are unlocked. Single missions are just for fun challenges. Some single missions require you to reach a certain point in the campaign, so I advise you to complete the campaign first. Each individual mission has its own objectives in this airplane game, so consult your briefing and minimap for more information. Your campaign progress and unlocks are automatically saved, so you can continue from where you left off if you need a break from the action.

Skies of War starts off with a short tutorial. If this is your first time playing this airplane game, I advise you to pay attention to the tutorial since it will help you to learn the basics of the game. The mouse is used as the primary control device. Move your mouse and the aircraft will follow. Left click to shoot. If you need to change weapons, you may quickly cycle through them by pressing the C key. In fighters, you can perform evasive rolls by pressing the R key, and in helicopters you can hover by holding the control key. Finally, the minimap is accessed by pressing the spacebar. The minimap is very important in this airplane game since you can use it to spot the locations of enemies, airfields, and other important items as well as refresh your memory on the mission objectives.

Before each mission in Skies of War, you will be able to choose the aircraft that you wish to fly and munitions that you wish to load. Make sure to pick the correct craft and armament for the job. For example, if your objective is to shoot down enemy planes, then a fighter armed with air-to-air missiles is good for the job. If your mission is to destroy enemy buildings, then a bomber with air-to-ground missiles and bombs is the proper choice. Fighters armed with both air-to-ground and air-to-air munitions are the best choice for multi-role missions in this airplane game.

Skies of War is an airplane game that has something for everyone. Casual gamers will enjoy the simple controls while advanced players will appreciate the armament customization and strategic elements. Fly high in the unfriendly skies in Skies of War!