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Redshift Controls

Redshift is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move. The A key is used to shoot, the S key activates your shield, and the D key detonates an EMP. The P key is used to pause the game and the M key mutes sound.

  • Rating: 4.38/5

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Redshift Walkthrough

Redshift is the sequel to the shooting game, Blueshift. Redshift features improved graphics, smoother controls, over two hundred fifty new weapons, and a larger campaign.

The objective of Redshift is to destroy enemies and make it to the end of each level alive. When you reach the boss of each level, the game will automatically save your progress at a checkpoint. If you are shot down during the boss battle, you will not have to complete the entire level; instead, you will be taken directly to the boss fight. If you find a level too difficult, you can always replay previous levels to gain more experience which will help you to deal with more difficult levels.

You are given a choice of three characters at the beginning of this airplane game. Each character has their own statistics and abilities, so choose based on your preferred playing style. If you are not skilled at dodging enemy fire, I advise you to choose Mayday (the green pilot) since he gains an additional hitpoint each time that he levels up. Your progress is automatically saved for the character of your choice upon the completion of each mission.

Although Redshift is a side-scrolling shooting game, it also contains many role-playing game elements. Firstly, even if your bullets strike enemies in standard shoot-em-up fashion, the "hit" may count as a miss and deal no damage, similar to some RPGs. Secondly, destroying enemies grants experience; with enough experience you will level up and increase your power. Finally, you can collect and equip items in your inventory. To access the inventory, pause the game by using the P key. The RPG elements featured in this airplane game may be upsetting for fans of shooters, but they make Redshift a unique experience. My only gripe is the lack of life bars for enemies.

Redshift is an amazing sequel to Blueshift and a thrilling airplane game in its own right. Take to the skies once more in Redshift!