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Lander Controls

Lander is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key tilts the plane up, the down arrow key tilts the plane down, the left arrow key reduces power, and the right arrow key increases power.

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Lander Walkthrough

Lander is an airplane game that puts you in control of an airliner on final approach. Lander features simple graphics, no sounds, and two modes of gameplay.

The objective of Lander is to land your airliner safely on the runway. The faster that you land the more points you will earn, but don't come in too fast! If you crash, you will earn no points. There is only one runway featured in this airplane game and two modes of gameplay: easy and hard. Easy mode is great for beginners since it is easy to set the plane down, while hard mode is more realistic and will require more patience and skill.

Lander uses the keyboard as its control device. The elevation controls are reversed in this airplane game; the up arrow key causes the plane to go up and the down arrow key causes the plane to go down (in real life, pushing forward on the control yoke pitches the plane downwards while pulling back causes the plane to pitch upwards). Press the right arrow key to increase power and the up arrow key to decrease power. You do not need to worry about flap settings or lowering your gear.

When you first start the game, your airplane will be pitched downward. If is a good idea to pitch up and increase your speed until you get closer to the runway. Don't apply too much speed, however, or you will overshoot your target (and you won't be able to come back around). When you are ready to touch down, it is best to flare (lift the nose of your aircraft slightly to set down on the rear wheels first). Make sure that you don't raise the nose up too high, however, or you will perform a tail-strike and lose the aircraft. Coming in at too steep of an angle or landing on the front wheels in hard mode will also cost you your aircraft.

Lander is a simple airplane game that is great for passing some time. Once you've gotten the hang of it, there is no further challenge, however, since there is only one runway with two difficulty levels. I still advise Lander for fans of airplane games. Remember to let her down easy!