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Flight 3D Aerobatics Training Controls

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to control your plane. The C key changes the camera view.

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Flight 3D Aerobatics Training Walkthrough

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training is a three-dimensional airplane game featuring outstanding graphics, fifteen levels, and twelve achievements. Since this airplane game is graphics intensive, players using older computers may wish to lower the quality by clicking the setting in the upper-left corner of the title screen; the default setting is medium.

The goal of Flight 3D Aerobatics Training is to pass through all of the rings on each level as quickly as possible before running out of fuel. Be careful not to crash into the rings, however, because if you do, you will spiral to the ground and crash! You have unlimited chances to retry each level if you crash or if you just want to improve your time. Your progress is saved at the end of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this airplane game.

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training uses the keyboard as a control device. The left and right arrow keys bank your aircraft in the respective directions. The up arrow keys puts your plane in a dive (like pushing forward on the control yoke) and the down arrow key lifts the nose of your aircraft (like pulling back on the yoke). Like most Flash games, this airplane game does not have joystick support, but if you download a program that takes joystick input as keystrokes (such as JoyToKey), then you will be able to use a joystick if you have one available.

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training is simple enough for most casual gamers to enjoy. The lack of shooting and dogfights might turn some action-oriented gamers away from this airplane game, however. The only major flaw, in my opinion, is the lack of a free flight mode. The three-dimensional graphics and scenery are so beautiful that it is tempting to just fly off course and enjoy performing stunts. A free flight mode would allow new players to get a feel for the controls and the game's engine and allow all players to enjoy the glory of flight without having to follow the rules of the game.

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training is a visual masterpiece of an airplane game. There may not be any enemies to dogfight with, but you can still enjoy the beauty of flight in a 3D environment!