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Dogfight Aces Controls

Dogfight Aces is controlled by either the mouse or the keyboard. When using the mouse, your aircraft follows your mouse cursor. The left mouse button fires your primary weapon and the spacebar fires your secondary weapon. When using the keyboard, the left and right arrow keys rotate your aircraft counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. The up and down arrow keys fire your primary and secondary weapons respectively. Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys to control your plane.

  • Rating: 3.17/5

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Dogfight Aces Walkthrough

Dogfight Aces is an airplane game that takes place after the the First World War. This plane game features epic music, splendid graphics and four modes of gameplay.

The four gameplay modes available in Dogfight Aces are Campaign, Single Level, Defense, and Multiplayer. In Campaign Mode, you select to fly as one of seven WWI aces, including the infamous Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. You won't be able to take to the skies as the Baron right away though; he and many of the other aces will have to be unlocked by beating the campaign with other pilots first. Your goal in Campaign Mode is to complete missions. Mission objectives are given before each level and include flying around obstacles, shooting down enemies, and more. You will be able to unlock additional weapons and upgrades between missions by visiting the shop.

The second mode of gameplay in this airplane game is Single Mission Mode. In this gameplay mode, you play single missions from the campaign in an attempt to maximize your score. Only missions that you have completed in the campaign may be played in this mode. Defense Mode is unlocked after you have beaten the campaign; I'll let you discover this mode for yourself!

The final gameplay mode available in Dogfight Aces is Multiplayer Mode. Multiplayer Mode lets human players battle each other on the same computer. Up to four players can take to the skies and dogfight. If you choose to play a four-player game, I advise you to only play with three human players and to allow the AI to take control of one of the fighters. One human player can use the mouse while the other two use the keyboard; trying to play this airplane game with three human players on one keyboard makes the controls sluggish due to ghosting, and may be difficult to pull off, especially on smaller keyboards.

Dogfight Aces is an addictive airplane game with a lot to offer. See if you can be the Ace of Aces in Dogfight Aces!