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Battle Over Berlin Controls

Battle Over Berlin is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys increase and decrease your throttle. The left and right arrow keys pitch your plane up and down respectively. The left caret (<) is used to fire your gun and the right caret (>) is used to fire missiles. In two player games, the second player uses the WASD keys to fly, the C key to shoot, and the V key to fire missiles.

  • Rating: 4.15/5

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Battle Over Berlin Walkthrough

Battle Over Berlin is an airplane game that takes place in World War I. Battle Over Berlin features simple graphics and straightforward, challenging gameplay. Despite its setting, the main menu of this airplane game features the Mitsubishi Zero, a Japanese World War II fighter plane that saw service in the Pacific Theater.

Battle Over Berlin can be played alone or in a two player game. When flying solo, the objective is to shoot down the computer-controlled planes. If you die once in this mode, the game will end. Two player mode puts you in a one-on-one dogfights against a human opponent. The first player to score five points wins in this mode. It should be noted that this airplane game locks up after two player games, s you may have to refresh your browser if you want to play another round.

The keyboard is used to control Battle Over Berlin. Player one uses the left and right arrow keys to pitch their plane up and down respectively, the up and down arrow keys to control their throttle, and the left caret and right caret keys to shoot bullets and missiles respectively. In two player games, player two uses the WASD keys to control their plane and the C and V keys to shoot bullets and missiles respectively. These controls work well in this airplane game, and since the throttle keys do not have to constantly be held to power the engine, there is little chance of overloading the keyboard in two player games.

When playing singleplayer games in Battle Over Berlin, the AI has a major advantage since they are less likely to stall when taking off and the computer's aim is nearly perfect. This airplane game makes up for it by allowing human players to pick up crates that replenish health. To pick these crates up, you must wait for them to fall to the ground. Be careful when landing to collect crates, since crashing means instant death! Health crates are not available in multiplayer games.

Battle Over Berlin has its flaws, but it is still a solid dogfighting game. Duel against the computer or battle in the skies with a friend in this airplane game!