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Awesome Planes Controls

Awesome Planes is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to control your plane. Click the left mouse button to shoot. The Q and E keys cycle through weapons and the 1-4 keys are used to select weapons directly. Hold the spacebar to use your booster. The P key pauses the game.

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Awesome Planes Walkthrough

Awesome Planes is an airplane game reminiscent of the classic arcade game, Defender. This shooting game features colorful graphics, fifteen challenging levels, and numerous weapons and upgrades to get your plane in top dogfighting shape!

The objective of Awesome Planes is simply to destroy all enemies on each stage. A radar screen in the lower-right corner of the screen can be used to located enemies if you are having trouble finding them. Once all fifteen levels of this airplane game have been completed, Survival Mode will be unlocked. The goal of Survival Mode is to avoid destruction for as long as possible while shooting down enemies. Your data is saved in this airplane game, so you ca continue from where you left off the next time that you play. Survival Mode will also remain available if you unlock it.

A combination of mouse and keyboard controls is used in Awesome Planes. Your plane follows your mouse cursor. The farther the cursor is from your plane, the faster your plane will travel. Click the left mouse button to shoot hold for rapid fire). You may cycle through available weapons by using the Q and E keys, or select weapons directly using the number keys from 1 to 4. If you need a quick burst of speed, hold the spacebar to activate your plane's boosters. Your booster fuel is limited in this airplane game, but it will refill over time.

Money is earned in Awesome Planes by completing missions and collecting bonus items. This money can be used between missions to purchase upgrades and additional weapons. Your minigun is enough for the first few levels of this airplane game, but it might help to upgrade it in order to increase its rate of fire. Additional weapons upgrades do not become necessary until you have passed the fifth level, but armor upgrades may prove to be helpful.

Awesome Planes is an airplane game that is awesome, just as its name implies! You'll have a blast playing this action-packed shooting game!