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Airfield Mayhem Controls

Airfield Mayhem is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag aircraft to set their landing patterns.

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Airfield Mayhem Walkthrough

Airfield Mayhem is an airplane game that puts you in the role of an air traffic controller. This airplane game features cartoon graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Airfield Mayhem is to land as many aircraft as you can without causing any collisions. If a single collision occurs, then the game will come to an end. The more aircraft that you land, the better your score will be. As you progress in this airplane game, aircraft will arrive more frequently and will move faster, increasing the challenge of gameplay.

To control aircraft in this airplane game, simply click them then drag a path for them to follow. The flight path of aircraft will be indicated by a dotted line emanating from their fuselage. The runway or helipad that the aircraft must land on will be highlighted while the mouse button is held. Aircraft cannot land on inappropriate runways. When guiding fixed-wing aircraft in for landings, be sure to guide them to the side of the runway with a white arrow and two white stripes. When the aircraft has been set on a proper course to land, the game will make a clicking sound.

The key to success in Airfield Mayhem is managing your airspace. Allowing an area of the stage to become cluttered with aircraft is a good way to cause collisions in this airplane game. Instead, divert some aircraft away from the airport to allow others to come in safely. Try not to allow aircraft to fly off of the stage, however, since they will come back (unlike spawning aircraft, an alert will not be displayed on the edge of the screen) and collisions can occur off-screen! If an aircraft is highlighted in white, then a collision is imminent and action must be taken without delay to prevent it from crashing.

Airfield Mayhem is a puzzle game with simple controls and challenging gameplay, making it appropriate for casual gamers that like a challenge but don't want to spend a long time figuring out controls. Try to bring those planes down safely in this addictive airplane game!