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Air Traffic Control Controls

Air Traffic Control is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click on portraits of planes at the right side of the screen to select them. Press the spacebar to descend. Use the arrow keys to control the currently-selected airplane.

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Air Traffic Control Walkthrough

Air Traffic Control is an airplane game that puts you in a dual role as a pilot and air traffic controller. This airplane game features smooth graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Air Traffic Control is to successfully park all of the aircraft in their proper hangars without crashing. If a single airplane crashes, then the current level will end. You can still proceed to the next level by clicking the appropriate button, but you will have only earned points for the planes that you successfully parked. As you progress through the levels of this airplane game, you will have to deal with more obstacles and land more aircraft. The greater number of aircraft flying in the air will also obstruct your vision in later levels.

Air Traffic Control uses a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. Click on the portrait of the aircraft that you wish to land from the list of aircraft on the right of the screen. Press the spacebar to cause the plane to descend on a runway. Once the plane has touched down, use the arrow keys to navigate the airport and park the plane in the proper hangar. Colliding with buildings or vehicles, driving off of the runways or taxiways, or parking in the wrong hangar will result in a crash.

To add to the challenge, Air Traffic Control is also timed. You must set the planes down before they run out of fuel. Each aircraft has a red bar beneath its portrait. When this bar runs out, the plane will run out of fuel and crash, ending the level. Try to land planes as quickly as possible to prevent them from running out of fuel.

Air Traffic Control is a fun airplane game, but its high level of challenge may be frustrating for some players. Be patient, and remember that you can advance to the next level even if you do crash!